Do You Know Cosplay ? Hobby of Expressing Yourself as Your Favorite Character

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HalloCosplay – Do you know cosplay? For anyone who is new to the concept of cosplay, it is a contraction of the words ‘costume’ and ‘game’. If you lay people will definitely not know what cosplay is, it is the art of playing makeup. However, when you really dive into what really is, you will be fascinated. Even though not a few people still don’t understand the ideas and concepts of cosplay, they cannot afford to neglect the many people who are truly cosplay.

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Cosplay people are called cosplayers. Not only is it ornamental to spree though because not a few people really do this as a profession. Not only are they decorated as characters, they also manifest and play their role. From imitating sounds, to the prevalence of characters, they do everything. So, it’s more than just playing makeup. This is more like a dramatic representation.

This phenomenon of pop habits originated in Japan in the ’90s. It was opened by people dressed as their favorite manga, anime and comic characters. Since then, it has become significant in different parts of Asia and even in the Western world.

marvel x-men cosplay

Actually there are dedicated cosplay conventions and competitions, which are intended for certain audiences. Aside from this convention, we can really watch cosplayers at Comic-Con and other interested parties who celebrate this fictional character. Even though we have casual cosplayers who are decorated with basic things, you also have the most serious cosplayers. These people spend little money to design and build their costumes. It does not need to be mentioned that not a few people even conclude to take their passion and make it a profession.

It’s amazing to see how far cosplay has come since it was made back in 1984. If you think it’s strange, think about this: Back in ancient times, your ancestors used to be decorated like animals, gods and many other powerful mythical creatures. and recreate important stories for them. So, why do people who don’t want to be energetic at all about something do the same thing? Think of cosplay as a storytelling through imitation and costume.

anime expo 2017

So why is this the most popular? Well, cosplay is becoming popular especially because it’s a great escape for people. It’s like Halloween, you have to decorate and run away from your life when you wear a costume. The other main reason for its popularity lies in the fact that there are not a few fandoms of many comics and films. Honestly, who doesn’t want to decorate like Batman? The cosplay community is very warm and friendly. People welcome, relax, and really like what they do. So, it’s easy to feel at the location to live alone!

For some people, cosplay is more than a part of pop habits. This is the lifestyle and art that they dedicate throughout their lives. They sharpen their talents and skills to a spectacular level to perfect their skills and indicate their talent for the world. we will find out what we mean by that business when we really listen to every professional cosplayer

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Cosplay nowsday its become a part of international hobby, so many people like cosplay because it's fun to do and some more people like because cosplay give them profit.

Cosplay can't become bigger like today, if there is no community to make this hobby happen. So with the Hallocosplay we are joining to become part of cosplay community to help a cosplay become large of entertaining hobby in the world.

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